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How to use CBD

Whether you are new to CBD or you’re trying a new CBD product, it’s important to note that when it comes to dosing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

There are several factors you should consider when determining the right dose of CBD for you. These include:

• The type of CBD product you’re taking
• The delivery method – (i.e. how it's consumed or applied)
• The condition you’re addressing
• Your age, weight & sex  

As we are all different, so are our Endocannabinoid Systems. So naturally, everyone’s response to CBD will differ.

Here is what we recommend you follow as best practice:

Like all supplements, the most effective way to get the most out of your CBD is to be consistent, ensuring you take it daily. Start by taking a small and measured amount, and then slowly increasing the dosage by the same amount until the desired effect is achieved. Of course, you should refer to your product’s specific usage instructions as guidance. This process is known as finding your personal “therapeutic window”.

Many individuals take CBD once, or for a few days, and if they do not feel anything, give up. The reality is that they just haven’t been patient enough in establishing their therapeutic window, and thus wrongly presume that CBD is not working for them.

Whilst some people can feel improvement after the first use, it is equally true that others may need a few weeks of tweaking their dosage to find what’s right for them. That is why we recommend taking any CBD product consistently for at least 28 days, measuring and tracking your dosage as you do. 

How to calculate CBD dose?

CBD products such as capsules or gummies contain a definite quantity of CBD. However, CBD oil is the most bioavailable form, which is preferred by the majority of users around the world. CBD oil usually comes in a dropper bottle, and the product label shows the exact amount of CBD in it.

Here's how you can figure out how much CBD drops are enough according to your decided dose.

A single drop is about 0.05 ml which means that a 10ml bottle of CBD contains approximately 200 drops. If a bottle says that it includes a 1000mg of CBD, it means that each drop or 0.05 ml of oil contains 5 mg of CBD. If you intend to start with 20mg of CBD, then you should take four drops each day. Ingesting 20mg of CBD does not mean that all of it is delivered into the blood.

Some of the doses are usually lost during the metabolic process. If you want to make sure that the maximum quantity of CBD reaches the bloodstream, it is recommended to go for sublingual absorption. Using CBD oil along the cheeks or under the tongue, takes it directly into the bloodstream and shows quicker effects.

To make the dose more effective, you may also go for micro-dosing and divide your total amount per day into several small amounts and take it several times a day. Make sure you consult your doctor before taking CBD oil with any prescription medication.

In the UK, the FSA recommends that CBD should not be used at doses above 70mg per day. However, every individuals tolerance is different and some people might find higher doses to be more effective. In any case, do not exceed the manufacturer's recommended dose.